Community Supported Agriculture pairs local consumers who want fresh, local, organically-raised

food with local farmers who grow produce and raise meat specifically for this community and divide

the harvest among the shareholders. Shareholders pay for their share in advance of the growing

season and reap the reward through the season.


Benefits of CSA Membership


1. Eat fresh organically grown local produce with the optimum flavor and nutritional benefits.


2. Reduced time from harvest to consumer keeps produce fresh and free of waxes or preservatives. Our produce is harvested on your pickup day.


3. Knowing your farmer and supporting production methods you believe in is important to your health.


4. Fewer miles from field to table reduces fossil fuel consumption and resulting air pollution.


5. Conserving farmland in your community.


6. Supporting family farms and their community.


7. Children are also more likely to eat their vegetables favoring them because they are grown

on "their" farm.